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Freelance Gameplay Programmer | Combat Designer with 9 years of professional experience in Unreal Engine.

Design focus includes user interface development, combat design, and artificial intelligence.

Welcome to my page .

Shipped Titles

Sparkadia is a new gaming ecosystem brought to you by veterans of Riot, Bungie, and Blizzard.

Predecessor is a 3rd Person MOBA currently in Development for release on PC and console. Get it on Steam.

Introduction to Unreal and C++ Module Lecturer at Pulse College (Online).

HELIX is an upcoming high-fidelity metaverse being developed by Hypersonic Laboratories.

Six Temples, a multiplayer magic slasher set in a mythic past. Get it on Steam.

Six Temples, a multiplayer magic slasher set in a mythic past. Get it on Steam.


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The Art of Combat is designed entirely in blueprints to be a plug and play solution for melee combat designers.
TTS_Main00982 copy.jpg
TTS_Main01051 copy.jpg

The Art of Combat

The Targeting System

The Targeting System (C++ Plugin)


The Minimal Icons


The Flanking System


The UI Menu


Close Combat Animset


Hand Seal Animset: Volume 1

Featured_Simple AI Combat.png

Simple AI Combat Component


Hand Seal Animset: Volume 2


Hand Seal Animset: Volume 3


Hand Seal Animset: Volume 4


Jutsu Activations: Volume 1


Unreal Engine-Specific

  • Technical Animation - Professional

  • Blueprints Visual Scripting - Professional

  • AI Programming - Professional

  • UMG (User Interface) - Professional

  • Unreal C++ - Amateur

Version Control

  • GitKraken - Usage

  • Perforce - Usage

  • Plastic - Usage

  • Web-based Solutions (Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega) - Setup, Usage

CV: Works (Mostly Under NDA)

  • Hypersonic Laboratories - Full-time - October 2022 to Present

    • Principal Unreal Engine UI Developer

  • World Spark Studios - Contract - December 2022 to February 2023

    • Unreal Engine UI Developer

  • Pulse College - Contract - October 2022 to January 2023

    • Introduction to Unreal and C++ Module Lecturer

  • Omeda Studios - Full-time - November 2020 to April 2022

    • FrontEnd/UI Developer

  • Eddaheim Studios - Contract - January 2021 to February 2021

    • Combat Design Consultant

  • Unreal24 Solutions - Contract - 6 months (May 2021)

    • FrontEnd/UI Developer

  • Exiled Republic Studios - Contract - 4 months (November 2020)

    • Front-End/UI Developer

    • AI & Gameplay Programmer

  • 5th Cell Studios - Contract - 4 months (2019)

    • Front-End/UI Developer

  • Maya Virtual Inc (Project Six Temples/Ammonite 3D) [Contract, May - June 2019]

    • Combat Programmer

    • Systems Integrator (The Art of Combat + Advanced Locomotion + Active Ragdoll)

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer (Dedicated Server)

    • Technical Artist

    • UI Developer

  • Grassroots Studios - Contract

    • Gameplay Programmer

    • Combat Designer/Programmer

    • Front-End/UI Developer

  • Deadlift Studios - Contract

    • Gameplay/Systems Programmer

    • AI Designer/Programmer

    • Front-End/UI Developer

  • High Level Studios (Project Arena) - Contract

    • Gameplay Programmer

    • Combat Designer/Programmer

    • Front-End/UI Developer

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer

    • VFX Programmer

    • SFX Programmer

  • Last Ninja Standing (Indie Project directed by Juan "J" Antelo) - Contract

    • Gameplay Programmer

    • Combat Designer/Programmer

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer

    • Technical Artist (Animation)

  • Ethos LLC (Project Ethos) Contract

    • Combat Designer

    • Technical Artist

  • Vekro Studio S.R.L (Paragon Project) Contract

    • Combat Designer

    • AI Designer

  • Dinosaur Battlegrounds LLC (Project Dinosaur Battlegrounds) Contract

    • AI Designer/Programmer

    • Combat Designer/Programmer

    • Gameplay Designer/Programmer

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer

    • Technical Artist (Animation)

Other Software and Skill Sets

  • FL Studio (Music/Score/Automation/SFX Composition, Mixing, Mastering, Recording) - Professional

  • Daz 3D Studio (Scene and Lighting Composition, Advanced Rendering with Iray) - Professional

  • Evernote (Game Writing, Document Sharing) - Professional

  • Adobe Photoshop (Image Composition/Manipulation/Retouching, Logo Design, Graphics Design) - Professional

  • Adobe After Effects (Motion Graphics, Rendering, Composition) - Advanced

  • Unity 3D (Level Design) - Intermediate

  • CryEngine 3 (Visual Scripting, Level Design) - Intermediate

Portfolio Links


  • Crescent University: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science (2009 – 2014)

  • Dissertation titled, "Video Game User Interface Development Using Scaleform Gfx (CLIK™ AND SCALEFORM 3Di™). Published in (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 12, No. 5, May 2014.

  • Dissertation titled, "Development of a Real-Time Strategy Game". Published in Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems (ISSN:2321–5658) Volume02–Issue 04, August 2014.

  • Activities and Societies: Microsoft Professional Associate, Computer Science Association of Nigeria

Video Showcases

Menu Concept For Bulletville (NOWWA Studios)

Camera Work Concept Showcase

(Using Pro Main Menu created by Piontek)

Cradle of Sins: UI Showcase

Tales of Forgotten Heroes: Alchemist [UI Showcase]

Adrayvia: Ranger and Vorhut Showcase {Attack on Titan Inspired)

Adrayvia: Character Concepts and Mechanics Showcase

Adrayvia: Rhythmic Combat, Combos, and Perfect Parries

Adrayvia: Team Combat, Responsive Evades, Feints and AI

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