Freelance Gameplay Programmer | Combat Designer with 6 years of professional experience in Unreal Engine 4.

Design focus includes modularity, elegance, skill depth, narrative tools, decision strategies, artificial intelligence, balancing, multiplayer design, multiplayer strategy interactions, interface design, and target marketing.

My passion for designing engines that generate experiences is strongly motivated by my skill set, and my love for games. From chess to poker, from Doom to Call of Duty, from Super Mario to Pro Evolution Soccer. Great games have an invisible veil between the mechanics and the fiction, and therein lies great game design. And I live for that invisibility. 

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Shipped Titles

Six Temples, a multiplayer magic slasher set in a mythic past. Get it on Steam.

Six Temples, a multiplayer magic slasher set in a mythic past. Get it on Steam.


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The Art of Combat is designed entirely in blueprints to be a plug and play solution for melee combat designers.

The Art of Combat

The Targeting System

The UI Menu


The Flanking System

Featured_Simple AI Combat.png

Close Combat Animset

The Minimal Icons

Simple AI Combat Component


Unreal Engine-Specific

  • Technical Animation - Professional

  • Blueprints Visual Scripting - Professional

  • AI Programming - Professional

  • UMG (User Interface) - Professional

  • Sequencer (Cinematics)- Professional

  • IKINEMA PLUGIN for UE4- Professional

  • Sound Design (Audio/Sound Cue Editor) - Professional

  • Level Design - Advanced

  • Unreal C++ - Beginner

  • Cascade (Particle Design/Editor) - Intermediate

Version Control

  • Perforce - Usage

  • Plastic - Usage

  • Web-based Solutions (Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega) - Setup, Usage

Works Under NDA (Non-Disclosure)

  • Omeda Studios (Current)

    • FrontEnd UI Developer


    • FrontEnd UI Developer (Contract for new XSOLLA Store plugin)

  • Eddaheim Studios

    • Combat Design Consultant

  • Unreal24 Solutions

    • FrontEnd UI Developer

  • Exiled Republic Studios

    • FrontEnd UI Developer

    • AI & Gameplay Programmer

  • 5th Cell Studios

    • FrontEnd UI Developer

  • Maya Virtual Inc (Project Six Temples/Ammonite 3D) [Work Contract, May - June 2019

    • Lead Combat Programmer

    • Lead Systems Integrator (The Art of Combat + Advanced Locomotion + Active Ragdoll)

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer (Dedicated Server)

    • Technical Artist

    • Lead UI Developer

  • Grassroots Studios

    • Lead Gameplay Programmer

    • Lead Combat Designer/Programmer

    • FrontEnd UI Developer

  • Deadlift Studios

    • Gameplay/Systems Programmer

    • Lead AI Designer/Programmer

    • FrontEnd UI Developer

  • High Level Studios (Project Arena)

    • Lead Gameplay Programmer

    • Lead Combat Designer/Programmer

    • FrontEnd UI Developer

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer

    • VFX Programmer

    • SFX Programmer

  • Last Ninja Standing (Indie Project directed by Juan "J" Antelo)

    • Lead Gameplay Programmer

    • Lead Combat Designer/Programmer

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer

    • Lead Level Designer

    • Technical Artist

  • Ethos LLC (Project Ethos)

    • Combat Designer

    • Technical Artist

  • Vekro Studio S.R.L (Paragon Project)

    • Combat Designer

    • AI Designer

  • Dinosaur Battlegrounds LLC (Project Dinosaur Battlegrounds)

    • Lead AI Designer/Programmer

    • Lead Combat Designer/Programmer

    • Lead Gameplay Designer/Programmer

    • Network Programmer/Multiplayer Designer

    • Technical Artist

Other Software and Skill Sets

  • FL Studio (Music/Score/Automation/SFX Composition, Mixing, Mastering, Recording) - Professional

  • Daz 3D Studio (Scene and Lighting Composition, Advanced Rendering with Iray) - Professional

  • Evernote (Game Writing, Document Sharing) - Professional

  • Adobe Photoshop (Image Composition/Manipulation/Retouching, Logo Design, Graphics Design) - Professional

  • Adobe After Effects (Motion Graphics, Rendering, Composition) - Advanced

  • Unity 3D (Level Design) - Intermediate

  • CryEngine 3 (Visual Scripting, Level Design) - Intermediate

Portfolio Links


  • Crescent University: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science (2009 – 2014)

  • Dissertation titled, "Video Game User Interface Development Using Scaleform Gfx (CLIK™ AND SCALEFORM 3Di™). Published in (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 12, No. 5, May 2014.

  • Dissertation titled, "Development of a Real-Time Strategy Game". Published in Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems (ISSN:2321–5658) Volume02–Issue 04, August 2014.

  • Activities and Societies: Microsoft Professional Associate, Computer Science Association of Nigeria

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